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Volunteer Recruitment and Converting New Volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment and the Number Way One to Increase Your Conversions

This article is short and sweet but contains the most powerful technique to increase the number of people who are converted into volunteers for you.

Here is the simple but effective technique to increase your conversion rate of prospects (people who have shown an interest in volunteering but have not yet signed on) to new volunteers.

Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up!

Develop a system to follow-up on all prospects who did not join up.

They may have requested information about volunteering, made an enquiry or attended an information session and never returned. Capture the name and phone number of everyone who ever makes an enquiry about volunteering.

Then you or a selected volunteer aim to ring them back within a week to talk with the prospect again. When you follow-up on everyone who enquires you can get some very valuable feedback without being pushy.

Asking These Questions

Find out why they decided not to volunteer and make sure you ask them at least these four important questions…

1. Could the recruitment process have been handled better?
2. Are there suggestions they would make to improve the process?
3. How could their needs be better matched to your volunteering opportunities?
4. Would they consider volunteering in the future?

Follow-up provides valuable feedback and also re-establishes a personal connection that allows you the opportunity to again convert a lost prospect into a new volunteer.

This article is adapted from the book Count On Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognizing & Rewarding Volunteers by Dr Judy Esmond

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