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Volunteer Management and Volunteer Motivation Six


In previous weeks we’ve looked at the volunteer motivations – volunteer altruism, volunteer ideology, volunteer life changessocial life, and rewards and incentives. I am adding another one for you to consider and add to the volunteer motivation list. Now let’s look at just one more motivation based on:


Some people are motivated by life crisis factors. These people have often experienced a life crisis either of their own or someone close to them. Life threatening illness is an example. They often then volunteer for organisations that have been of assistance in dealing with these life factors and crisis.

This is an extremely powerful motivation and involves deep psychological and emotional aspects for the volunteer. This motivation is one of the most emotional ‘heart’ based motivations for volunteering.


Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue but the mother of all the rest – Cicero

From the quotes book Beyond Just Words:502 Inspirational Quotes for Those Who Serve.



Dr Judy Esmond
An International Expert on Volunteering

P.S. For those wanting to use hundreds of ideas on volunteer management, volunteer retention, volunteer recognition and volunteer recruitment.

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