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Our Client Testimonials A to C

Thanks from those involved in volunteer management, volunteer recruitment and volunteer recognition!


A short note of appreciation for the wonderful course on volunteer management. Thank you for the opportunity to extend my knowledge and to network with other participants.

Trish Miller
Alzheimer’s Association


I wish to advise that I was fortunate to attend three-day course. Judy was the facilitator, and I found her to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas. She was a very easy going person and very approachable at all times. Nothing that was asked of her, was too much trouble no matter what area it may have been involving. I am very much looking forward to attending any further courses that she may run.

Phyll Lightbody, Volunteer Co-ordinator
Association for the Blind


Thank you for your acceptance of the invitation to speak at the National Respite Conference. I extend to you my personal thanks and appreciation for a most engaging and inspirational keynote address. Your excellent communication skills were highlighted int eh delivery of a powerful and motivating presentation, denoting empathy and understanding. The content was both knowledgeable and informative and you showed a special quality of always remaining receptive to your listeners. Further to this, your warm manner of facilitation was well received as you not only maintained the delegates’ interest and put them at ease, you also generated a willingness in audience participation. Judy, your ability to evoke self reflection amongst an audience is highly commendable. Congratulations on an excellent presentation.

Lorraine March
Senior Administrator, Carers’ Support/Telecross Programs
Australian Red Cross

I wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop that you ran. You were very informative and quite inspiring. The activities we did also provided me with invaluable insights about volunteer management and allowed us to explore different perspectives on supporting and assisting volunteers. I found you to be an excellent and engaging speaker and the workshop very valuable. I would be interested in finding out about any other workshops that you may be planning in the future.

Joelle Eilon
Co-ordinator, Volunteer and Member Support
Australian Red Cross


Thank you for your stimulating presentation. I left fired up to tackle recruitment with a wealth of new ideas and fresh approaches buzzing in my head. The interactive workshop was well organized, stimulating and at times challenging. Your enthusiasm and energy was inspirational. There was a good balance of theory and practice. I look forward to having a copy of 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers on hand to dip into to help me devise a practical recruitment plan to find the best available people.

Ann F. Hodson
Manager Volunteers,
Wellington Division
Cancer Society of New Zealand


Recently, Dr Judy Esmond conducted a two-day workshop with leadership teams from Catholic Schools within and around Geraldton The workshop was entitled “The 3Cs – Change, Conflict and Criticism: Ah, What an Opportunity!”.

The school leaders who attended were full of accolades for Judy. Not only was she able to get the participants to reflect on the very topical issues of change and conflict in their schools, but also was able to engage them totally through practical activities. Judy’s intuitive response to people’s needs meant she very quickly determined the agenda of each and every person in the group and was able to journey with them in a forthright manner but with a wonderful sense of humour. Most important of all was the fact that school leaders were able to explore conflict and criticism as opportunities for positive outcomes.

Many of the school leaders who were present at the workshop are already exploring ways and means of involving Judy in further workshops with their whole school staffs. Her knowledge of the school scene and offering ways to cope with the current climate of constant change were much appreciated.

As Regional Officer of the Catholic Education Office, I will certainly be encouraging schools to further engage with Judy and will be dialoguing with Judy in the future as to further addressing the needs of our school communities.

Sheena Barber
Regional Officer
Catholic Education


I am writing in reference to the recent course. Having the opportunity to participate proved to be a most rewarding and motivating experience. The course facilitated by yourself was most successful, and I believe that it was in no small part your presentation style, knowledge and expertise of community services that help a captive audience. I would very much recommended this 3 day course to any of my peers or to anyone who is considering employment within the voluntary sector.

Sonja Cartledge
Co-ordinator, Younger Disabled City of Bayswater


On behalf of the Division of Health Sciences at Curtin University of Technology I wish to formally thank you for giving the Doctors from the Shanxi Province in China the opportunity to have you talk to them about Patient Expectations and Cultural Influences in Medicine.

Part of the general objectives of the program was to provide an opportunity for the participants to examine the health care system in Australia and to gain some first hand observational experiences. Due to your participation and that of many others, these objectives have been fulfilled and the experience has further enriched their knowledge base.

Helen Fairnie, Director
International Programs (Health Sciences)
Curtin University of Technology