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Our Client Testimonials S-Z


We would like to say how much delegates to our state seminar/strategic planning workshop appreciated your address. The information you were able to give about volunteers could not have come at a better time especially as we had delegates from every corner of WA and every one of the over 85 committees represented has a need and interest in attracting volunteers to assist in our crime prevention initiatives. Further confirmation of your subjects’ popularity was born out by the interest in your book “Count Me In!”. On behalf of the Committees’ Executive and all those present thank you very much for your time and commitment to our seminar.

John R Hudson OAM
President Safer WA Committees’ Executive Inc


Where to begin thanking you for attending the Safety House Australia Biennial Conference? As someone organising an event like this for the first time you were incredibly patient, tolerant and a goldmine of information and assistance.

Volunteers are a neccessary and integral part of Safety House and we thought it a good idea to have a speaker on the subject at the conference. We thought it would be interesting and provide us with a few ideas. What we didn’t realise was just how truly inspirational and fun your Keynote Address would be.

Judy, you far exceeded all expectations. It was powerful, motivating speech creating an awareness of new, lateral ways of recruiting. You could almost see the light globes of though coming on above people’s head as connections were made and new ideas and concepts formed, all while you spoke.

To take captive audience, hold their attention, and then turn them into an eager participating group, proves your energetic and outstanding worth as a professional speaker. The feedback from the delegates expressed an amazement at just how much they had gained from your presentaion and an eagerness to get out there and put their new enthusiasm and ideas into action.

On a more personal note, Judy, you are a very warm and genuine person and I would just like to say that you make it onto my “glad I met you” list. I hope we meet again one day.

Debra Pieniacki, Secretary
Safety House Australia Inc.


The Shire of Shark Bay would like to express their gratitude for being their guest speaker at the Volunteers Dance and also presenting the workshop in which many of the local residents found it very valuable.

Not only did the workshop motivate volunteers and groups it also provided them with a forum to share their experienced and issues with each other and yourself which is very important as communication between groups is a major factor in the success of volunteering.

I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance in helping the Shire with this project. I hope to work with you again on similar projects.

Adim Hajat, Community Development Officer
Shire of Shark Bay


Community Care Branch greatly appreciate your generosity in accepting an invitation to address our Volunteers.

Your skill in involving your audience and making them feel part of your presentation is commendable. You were able to hold there interest with humour and the message passing exercise was appreciated by all, emphasising the importance of accuracy and attention to detail.

I have received a number of comments from our members on how much they enjoyed your interesting and informative presentation. I will forward photographs which you may wish to add to your collection.

Thank you again for donating your time and expertise to our cause.

Murray Allum, Chairman
St John Ambulance Australia (WA) Inc.

Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Saturday. It was a real highlight of the day. Not only are you a gifted author, but also an accomplished speaker. We were very honoured to have you share these gifts with us in such an entertaining way.

I have heard many positive comments about your presentation and today it will be circulated to all sub-centres around the State with the Conference summary. Thank you for providing the hard copy for this purpose.

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution to a very successful and rewarding day.

Ian L Kaye-Eddie, Chief Executive Officer
St John Ambulance Australia (WA) Inc.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the St John National Conference “Working as One”.

Both your presentations were extremely well received by the conference delegates and the information you imparted was very practical and of considerable benefit to the many St John members involved in recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Thank you again for taking the time form your busy schedule to assist us to make the Conference a success.

J.F. Davies, General Manager
St John Ambulance Australia


On behalf of the Starlight Children’s Foundation we would like to thank you for facilitating our “Volunteer Creativity Sessions” held recently in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Your knowledge and fresh approach were invaluable to us, ensuring we at Starlight move forward to help make volunteering for Starlight a very fulfilling experience. It was wonderful to see the incredible passion and spirit of our volunteers and we were very impressed with what we achieved in 3 hours. Certainly a credit to you!

Starlight will proudly display the wonderful paintings created by our volunteers. Thanks again Judy and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

Jill Weekes, Chief Executive Officer
Starlight Children’s Foundation


Many thanks for presenting such a terrific seminar for the WA Centre for Leadership and Community Development last Thursday. The response from the audience was wonderful and confirmed my conviction that you were the best person to launch this new series of seminars.

I feel sure that your presentations will continue to be highly successful and I wish you well with it all in the future.

Anne Simpson, Manager
Community Programs and Training Services
WA Centre for Leadership & Community Development
Challenger TAFE


On behalf of President Allyson Ladhams, the Executive and members of the United Nations Association of Australia (WA Division), may I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful contribution in assisting us to celebrate United Nations Day.

The lively, amusing and thought-provoking lecture was greatly appreciated and extremely well received by all who attended.

Your use of everyday thoughts and commonly held beliefs, together with the linkage to volunteering, allowed the listener to feel more empowered and confident in their work, which is greatly undervalued by society.

Lindsay Dorman, Honorary Secretary
United Nations Association of Australia (WA Division)


The Motivational workshops and the Forum were all hugely successful, thanks in no small part to yourself. On behalf of my team here I would like to thank you for your contribution to the activities. Already there has been positive feedback from the community participants. It’s good to know that it was appreciated.

It makes it all worthwhile when people let you know that they appreciate what you have arranged for them, doesn’t it! I’ve got that response and I wish to pass it on to you, for without you and your contribution, it would not have been the same, nor as effective.

Jacki Weber, Co-ordinator
Bundaberg Working Party
Wide Bay Volunteer Resource Agency