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Our Client Testimonials D-R


The feeback from the evaluation was extremely positive. Without exception, all the participants gave you the highest rating. They commented on the excellent and stimulating presentation and the high relevance of the information to their work. I feel certain that we will be requesting your services at our next workshop.

Elizabeth Grindod
Service Support Officer (Education Services), Family and Children’s Services


Since our initial meeting in January at the launch of your book, “Count Me In, 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers”, you have played a crucial role in highlighting the future trends in volunteering. Your presentations at the launch of National Volunteer Week and the Vision Conference are just two high profile events that come to mind.

I would particularly like to commend you on the ‘Boomnet Report’ on Baby Boomers and Volunteering.

As the Premier, the Hon Dr Geoff Gallop MLA, notes in his Introductory Message at the beginning of the report, it is indeed ground breaking research which presents for the volunteering sector ‘a positive view of the future possibilities if we can all work together to respond to the challenges’.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and continued success in producing important research findings for the volunteering sector in Western Australia.

Jack Busch, Chairman
CEO’s Co-ordination Committee
International Year of Volunteers
Ministry of the Premier and Cabinet


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to present at the Participation Conference. Your presentation contributed a great deal to reinforcing the conference themes of facility partnerships, social issues affecting participation, participation and health, sharing great ideas for organisations, servicing regional areas, club development and volunteer issues.

Michael Schetter, Manager
Community Participation Branch
Office for Recreation & Sport


The sessions you presented to our veterans at our “Those who laugh… last” workshops were excellent. They were entertaining, informative and highly enjoyable. There has been nothing but praise from the staff involved and the participating veterans. I look forward to you working with us again and would be very happy to recommend you to other organizations.

Derrick Jaquet
Assistant Director, Housing and Community Support Section, Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Thankyou for your excellent presentations. Your high level of expertise, well developed facilitation skills and entertaining presentation style was very well received by the participants. The sessions were informative, appropriate, entertaining and very well crafted. I have received very positive and enthusiastic feedback from those attending. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jumae Atkinson
Volunteer and Day Club Support Adviser, Department of Veterans’ Affairs


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in Dongara’s celebrations for its volunteers.

The workshop that you facilitated was fantastic. The attendees at the workshop all felt that they got an enormous amount of information from your presentation. The presentation itself consisted of a good balance between practical and theoretical strategies. I know of some groups that have already started putting the ideas into practice!

It was a great workshop and hopefully in the long term we will succeed in lessening the pressure on just a precious few.

Again thank you for your support and for sharing your knowledge with us.

Kirsty Skoglund, Project Co-ordinator
Dongara Denison Healthy Community Project


Just a short note to thank you for the excellent workshops you have been conducting for us over the past few months. Your professional and energetic style of facilitation has greatly assisted our organisation in developing a common understanding of community safety. Thanks you again for your time and effort. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Naomi Brown
Executive Director, Community Safety Division
Fire & Emergency Services Authority


Thank you for a terrific workshop for our volunteers on May 18th, you made it such a fun day for everyone.

Feedback from volunteers has been so positive with comments like:

Do all volunteers have so much fun?
Great day
Judy made the day, I never thought I would get up and sing in public, now I know I can
When is the next workshop?
Thank you again for a very enjoyable day and hopefully we can do it again in the not to distant future.

Janet Thornton, CVS Co-ordinator
Kalamunda Community Care (Inc.)


Some of the comments that we received from our delegates include:

Inspired! and relevant
Lovely voice to listen to and common sense information delivered
Sensational, 5/5
A great memory jogging experience
Interesting and hopeful, her presentation got the message across
Quietly spoken, but very dynamic, very motivational
Very thought provoking – great ambassador for Australia
Sensational. Possibly the most comprehensive, well-researched, relevant and interesting speaker, most helpful and entertaining
I could listen to her all day. Excellent ideas on recruiting Volunteers. Also about stress today
Inspirational. Worth a lot of thought
Again excellent and appropriate. A privilege to have heard her.

Judy was highly recommended as a presenter and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to other conference organisers. As one of our delegates said “a gentle lady” but a woman who is very well versed in her area of expertise.

Tracey Brown, Conference Co-ordinator
Meals on Wheels Association


Just a note to express my disappointment that there will be no Volunteer Management Training Courses this year. I enjoyed last years presentation and considered it to be of great value to all of us involved in Volunteer Management. The workshop element was also a lot of fun and provided the chance to meet and gain from the experiences of other people involved in our field. I look forward to attending the next Course/Workshop and await your invitation in anticipation.

Jim Hamilton
Volunteer Facilitator, Mercy Community Services


Thank you for the excellent workshop you conducted for the palliative care volunteers from the Midwest Health Service.

The aim of the day was networking, team building, fun and learning. Your ability to engage, encourage and energise a large group ensured these aims were met.

Some of the comments I have received are:

Very stimulating
Fantastic Day
Educational without being taught
Selective Seductive (mentally) Stimulating and Thought Provoking
Great to get together
As I meet individually with the groups in the next week, I will report back on the outcomes of the day and proudly display the picture.

I look forward to being involved in another of your seminars.

Penny Van Ast, Telehealth / Palliative Care Co-ordinator
Midwest Health Service
Department of Health


Judy Esmond is an energizing and creative presenter who gives practical tools for action and encourages thinking about volunteering in a very businesslike way. After her presentation, I came back to my small town on the far south coast of New South Wales and recruited three great new board members for our local theatre company – people who I’d previously thought might be too busy or not interested. Seeing it from the Judy Esmond point of view, I realized it was an opportunity for them they might be delighted to take up – and they did!

Jane Sandilands
Editor, National Bank CommunityLink Magazine