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Volunteer management, volunteer recruitment and volunteer recognition ideas.

Hi Everyone,

For those in volunteer management, volunteer recruitment and volunteer recognition – here’s another quick read idea for you on:


Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking a look at some of barriers that are put in place by organizations and groups that stop people volunteering when they actually want people to volunteer.

When you have been involved with an organization or group over a period of time you lose sight of the barriers that make volunteering for your organization or group more difficult.

We seem to put blinkers on or become so used to way everything is that they cannot see past this.


It is time to begin re-looking at those potential barriers with fresh eyes.

Are you actually falling short of your recruitment potential because you are unwittingly placing barriers in the way?

Take the time to identify and start removing any barriers to recruitment success. These barriers can include red tape, outdated procedures or negativity from other staff and volunteers.

Sometimes you are just too close to the situation in volunteer management to see these barriers. Barriers that actually work against your volunteer recruitment and volunteer retention efforts. So in some future posts we will be highlighting some more of these potential barriers for you.

This idea is adapted are from the best selling book Count Me in! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers.


Vision: the art of seeing things invisible – Jonathan Swift

Also from the book Count Me in! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers.



Dr Judy Esmond
An International Expert on Volunteering

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Volunteer management, volunteer recruitment and more volunteer recognition ideas for you.

Hi Everyone,

Here are important ideas that could be of assistance for you to consider in volunteer management. This is actually for those involved in the leadership of paid staff or leading others in volunteer management. So many of those attending our public and customised workshops and online training programs on a wide range of topics are leading or dealing with organisational change.

I just wanted to share with you 4 top ways leaders ensure that a CHANGE process fails. So here they are for you to consider…


But now get ready for a ‘tongue in cheek’ approach. Consider carefully if you do recognize any of these top FOUR leadership failure strategies. Follow these and this is how leaders can ensure that the change process does actually fail…

Strategy 1. Constantly use the term ‘we need to do more with less’. This really allows you in leadership to double the workload of those that are left after the restructuring and change process.

Strategy 2. Never communicate or give clear directions and keep
everyone guessing so that when things go wrong others
can be blamed.

Strategy 3. Use power strategies like forcing people to work closely with those they hate or work on projects that they have no skills for.

Strategy 4. Absolutely never recognize or reward anyone, they need to remember they are lucky to have jobs at all. But if you are forced to, only praise in private and always criticize loudly in public.

Remember these are ‘tongue in cheek’ ideas on the leadership skills not to use and to work on doing the opposite.



Dr Judy Esmond

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