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About Us

The International Network for More Volunteers is an independent international organization of committed professionals.

As a community, our mission is to provide services worldwide that assist governments, organizations, corporations and groups to recruit, retain and recognize even more volunteers.

We know, like you do too, that the more people who are recruited and retained as volunteers then the better this world becomes.

To achieve our ongoing mission we continually aim to provide you with:

  • Free membership for our subscribers with regular tips and ideas on volunteering, volunteer recruitment, volunteer retention and volunteer recognition
  • Public training workshops presented both locally and internationally
  • Training programs customized for governments, corporations and organizations
  • Conference keynote presentations and breakout sessions
  • Research services requested and contracted by governments, corporations and  nonprofit organizations

Director of the International Network for More Volunteers

Our dedicated team work closely with the Director of the International Network for More Volunteers – Judy Esmond, Ph.D. DipWelPsych(TES), BSW, MSW (Curtin), PhD (WAuth).

Director – Dr Judy Esmond

Our director – Dr Judy Esmond is considered a renowned world authority on volunteering . She is one of the most in-demand speakers on volunteer management, volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition and has presented to thousands of attendees at conferences throughout the world. Dr Esmond has also toured Australia, England, the United States and Canada presenting her innovative ideas in hundreds of interactive workshops. Her workshops and training programs always sell out fast!

Dr Esmond is the author of best selling books on Volunteering including Count Me In! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers and Count on Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognising and Rewarding Volunteers. She is also one of the most prolific academic writers on volunteering throughout the world with over 50 publications to her name including books, articles, reports, conference proceedings, manuals and handbooks.

Dr Esmond and her team have been awarded 30 research grants over the last 20 years of which many were significant grants into volunteering. The team conducted the first major research study worldwide into Baby Boomers and volunteering BOOMNET: Capturing the Baby Boomer Volunteer and the largest study ever undertaken into Volunteer Motivations The Volunteer Motivation Inventory.

Dr Esmond comes from a background as a social worker and as a dedicated academic educator and researcher within the University system. She has represented both her profession and the Volunteering sector on numerous boards and committees as a leading academic and leading expert.

Dr Esmond is also Director of her own highly successful research, training and consulting company as well as being Our Director. Dr Esmond and the team have provided services to thousands of satisfied clients from Government, Councils, Non-profit Organizations, Community Groups and the Business sector. Dr Esmond also comes from a background of volunteering in sports and was an Australian and state representative in two sporting fields.

Contact Us

You can contact Dr Judy Esmond and her team to discuss how we can help you and your organization, department, corporation or business.


Phone: Local (08) 9371 2677
International +61 8 9371 2677
Mobile: 0407 191 565

Address: PO BOX 722, Inglewood WA 6932